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Founder & CEO

Francois Gazzano

Helping high performance athletes remain injury-free and encouraging children to develop proficiency in various sport and physical activities have always been Francois’ top priorities.

Back in the late 1990’s, when he was working as a full time strength and conditioning coach, he started using Dr. Carl Foster’s session-RPE method to quantify training load and prevent overuse injuries and burnout. He found that this method was a great success. Athletes enjoyed the analyses and achieved excellent results. Francois recognized the need for a convenient tool to use the session-RPE more effectively with the professional and national-levels teams and athletes he was working with at the time (in ice-hockey, rugby, handball, figure skating, speed skating, volleyball). This led him to create AthleteMonitoring.com, the first web-based platform to monitor athlete’s training load, monotony, and strain, using the session-RPE method. To commercialize this product, Advanced Fitness Designs (later renamed FITSTATS Technologies) was founded in 2000.

A little later, in 2006, dismayed to see that many children and adolescents didn’t have the opportunities to experience a wide range of sports in a friendly, non-competitive way, Francois founded the New-Brunswick Sports Academy, a non-profit group that still organizes sports discovery programs in K-8 schools.

His involvement with schools and physical education professionals led him to develop the first web-based fitness and motor-skills assessment platform, FITSTATS Wellness, which is now used by thousands of health and wellness professionals worldwide. Francois loves making new professional acquaintances. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Francois can be reached at francois@athletemonitoring.com or social media.

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