Keep Them Fit and Strong

Streamline fit for duty assessments, monitor mental fatigue, physical loads and reduce the risk of injury or burnout with the world’s most versatile health and wellness data management system for first responders

Assess, Monitor, Understand, Optimize.

FITSTATS helps fire departments, police organizations streamline COVID-19 and fit for duty screening programs, administer health risk assessments, monitor fatigue, mental and physical loads, minimize the risk of injury and optimize health and readiness


Administer a short daily wellness questionnaire and detect excessive fatigue, unusual stress, prevent burnout and mental health issues, and mitigate the impact of work and lifestyle stressors on students’ body and mind


Use FITSTATS’ scientifically validated health survey to monitor health remotely, detect injuries, illnesses; manage medical records, SOAP notes & rehabilitation programs securely on a HIPAA, PIPEDA & GDPR compliant platform

Physical Activity

Create simple or advanced exercise programs and share them with entire groups or individual. Analyze group and individual response to exercise with objective and subjective markers. Integrate data from a wide array of wearable devices such as Polar or Garmin exercise watches.


Streamline assessment data collection by staff or participants. Track longitudinal data. Assess, analyze and report outcomes, including health measures, motor skills, fitness and more with standardized test batteries, or using your own custom tests, standards, rubrics and grading scales.

Remote Health Monitoring

Detect, track and monitor illnesses and injuries from anywhere

Employees complete a short weekly health survey  from anywhere using their preferred smartphone, tablet or computer.

When someone reports an illness or an injury that impacts the ability to perform his/her daily tasks, FITSTATS immediately notifies the employee’s supervisor and the organization’s health practitioners.

Organizations can collect and export quality injury and illness epidemiological data to drive better prevention strategies.

Wellness Monitoring

Detect excessive fatigue, stress, health issues, prevent burnout, and mitigate the impact of work and lifestyle stressors on each employee body and mind

Employees self-report psychological well-being, sleep quality, stress, homework using a short daily or weekly wellness questionnaire. The information is automatically analyzed and alerts immediately informs supervisors and healthcare professionals when someone needs attention.

COVID-19 Screening

Detect infections, mitigate risk, keep everyone fit & healthy

FITSTATS helps organizations implement app-based COVID-19 screening, monitor virus exposure, symptoms and temperature, identify ‘at-risk’ students and deliver faster care and illness prevention.

When a possible infection is identified, or when risk increases, FITSTATS automatically alerts health practitioners, who can then use the in-app messaging system to contact employees, or use FITSTATS’ electronic medical record system to record diagnoses, clinical notes, treatments or attach files and documents to the employee’s profile.

Health & Fitness Assessments

Educate, inform, motivate. Your way!

FITSTATS is the world’s most comprehensive and customizable assessment solution for small and large organizations. It streamlines data collection, tracks employee’s progress over time and instantly generates individual and group reports and statistics. FITSTATS is compatible with all standardized assessment protocols, it also gives you the freedom to use your own tests, formulas, standards, questionnaires, grading system much more.

Eye-Catching Reports

Engage employees and implement data-driven prevention strategies

FITSTATS can generate individual and group reports, graphs and statistics in seconds.

With FITSTATS, health researchers can export anonymized raw data reports and produce large-scale health, wellness and physical activity statistics in just a few seconds, and get all the quality data they need to conduct innovative research projects.

Online Surveys & Questionnaires

Create, publish and collect online questionnaires
in seconds. No more paper, real-time answers!

Employees, supervisors and administrators can complete preset or custom-built questionnaires and surveys on their own schedule, on any device, at their own pace. Automated notifications remind respondents when to complete the questionnaire. Automated scoring, professional-looking reports and data export provides quick and efficient result interpretation and analysis

Physical Activity Tracking

Create programs in seconds and monitor physical activity from anywhere

Create and share physical activity programs with entire groups or individual employees.

Individuals can self-report their physical activity (steps, minutes, enjoyment, intensity, etc) from anywhere directly on their smartphone or tablet. They can also import data from popular sports trackers such as Polar and Garmin.

FITSTATS analyzes all the data and alerts supervisors when employees are not enjoying their activity, finding their program too hard, too easy, and monitor minutes of daily and weekly physical activity.

A Modular System that Fits your Needs

Make it yours

FITSTATS is available in 12 languages and can be entirely branded to your organization (terminology, URL, logo, colors, etc)

Pick your metrics

Pick among the system’s preset wellness, physical activity, health and fitness metrics or add your own to record, import, store and monitor data from any protocol.

Customize it all

Customize data collection forms, dashboards, apps, questionnaires, alerts, and analytics – anything! Use your own tests, formulas, standards, terminology, rubric scores and more.

Integrate data from any device

Get the complete picture by integrating heart rate, assessment results, activity and health data from any wearable device or external application.


A Complete Care Solution for First Responder Organizations

All your data in one place

Centralize all wellness, assessment, health, exercise and administrative data for single divisions or entire organizations. Manage schedules and administrative information on a secure, HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform.

Streamline record keeping

Say goodbye to notepads & spreadsheets as you manage employee health and wellness records online in seconds. Store data, docs, videos, medical records, assessment results and more.

Improve Communication

Seamless file sharing, SMS messaging, secure data and information exchange brings administrators, health practitioners, supervisors and employees together to create excellence.

Save time & money

Only pay for the features you need. Securely access all your data in seconds. Keep everyone safe, fit and healthy with the world-class wellness and health management  platform that doesn’t break the bank.

Stay informed and focused

Take advantage of automated risk analyses, intelligent alerts, educational messages & customizable reports to mitigate risk, quickly make sense of complex data and motivate, inform, and promote excellence at all levels.

We’re here to help!

Our friendly support team is always here for you. Product training and support are free and unlimited. The platform is constantly enhanced and all updates are included with each subscription.

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