Wellness Management for Police & Fire Departments

Streamline fit for duty assessments and reporting, manage mental and physical loads and reduce injury risk

Keep Them Fit and Strong

FITSTATS helps fire and police departments streamline fit for duty screening programs, health risk assessments, monitor fatigue, mental and physical loads, minimize the risk of injury and optimize health and readiness.

The Essential Wellness Management Platform


Easy to use






HIPAA compliant




Continously enhanced

A Complete Care Solution

Streamline fit for duty evaluations, group reporting, training programming, health monitoring, load management and administrative data management on one single platform. Improve communication, and bring all stakeholders together to build fit and healthy professionals.

Wellness Monitoring

Remotely monitor  well-being and related metrics such as sleep quality, stress, fatigue, and be immediately notified when someone needs attention


Assess fit for duty,  health-related fitness, health risk and more with state or custom assessment protocols.


Generate individual and group  reports that truly engage participants, promote health and fitness and comply with your organizational and state policies.

Activity Tracking

Create and monitor daily physical activity and training  programs, perceived fatigue, exercise intensity, enjoyment with activity and more.


Deliver standardized or customized questionnaires such as psychological assessments, health risk appraisals, nutritional surveys and more.

Health Records

Securely manage medical records, diagnoses, SOAP notes and treatments with HIPAA & GDPR-compliant EMR. Deliver better care and data-driven injury prevention strategies.

Better Health & Readiness Starts Here

Easy to use. Complete. Adaptable. HIPAA compliant.
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