A Few of Our Happy Customers Share Their Experience

Using this system has allowed us to improve our athlete monitoring through the introduction of a daily, online athlete wellness questionnaire. WE objectively track day-day performance changes across a range of physical readiness tests and also track training loads at an individual level. Francois and his team are readily available to provide assistance and are extremely proactive in discussing and implementing future additions and adjustments to the monitoring system so it continues to provide a simple, time efficient method of monitoring a professional sports team.


David Gray

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Hurricanes (Super Rugby)

There is no other product on the market that allows us to collect, track and analyze a virtually infinite amount of user-defined variables in a simple to use application. This improves our ability to digest player data quickly and allows us to paint a more robust picture of player fatigue. I would highly recommend this application to anyone looking for a novel, cost-effective solution to track and quantify player fatigue.


Johan Wang

Associate Director - Sports Medicine, Texas Christian University (TCU)

Having available athletes is a key focus in our mission statement for the 35th Americas Cup. The Athlete Monitoring app has enabled us to efficiently record and analyse how our athletes feel on a day to day basis and how they react to training load. Our athletes find it easy to use and we find it easy to access athlete readiness.

I have used other apps and Excel versions before but Francois and his team have created a cost efficient user friendly version that is the best I have used to date. They are always on hand to discuss data analysis and are open to change allowing coaches to recommend changes that would benefit their personal requirements & needs. This approach to helping coaches tailor their data collection is a breath of fresh air and has made our decision to use Athlete Monitoring beyond worthwhile


Ben Williams

Head of Strength & Conditioning, Land Rover BAR, UK

AthleteMonitoring.com has changed the way I communicate with my athletes and adjust their training loads. After years trying other systems and using spreadsheets, now I save hours per week to do more useful things, and at the same time have access to more valuable information. The scientific background, customization possibility, easy use, alerts, quick support and visual interface are features hard to be beaten.


Nelio Moura

Track & Field Coach - Winner of two Olympic Gold Medals, M&M Atletismo

Having used Google docs and Excel as a means to monitor my players previously, I can say first hand that AthleteMonitoring.com is 10 times more time efficient and sophisticated in the all round support it offers our athletes.


Wayne Carlisle

Director of Football, Ivybridge Community College Football Academy

I was very pleased with AthleteMonitoring.com.  I felt that as a coach it gave me unique insight into not only players injuries, illness and training and match load but gave us unique insight into other areas of their psychology that usually we don’t know.  I feel like it is a wonderful tool for coaches.


Stefani Webb

Head Women's Soccer Coach / Assistant AD, University of Texas - Tyler

With Athletemonitoring we now have a tool to professionalize the management of training and recovery. To be able to have, before every training session, so many details about our players readiness takes us to a new level, and help us implementing more effective training and health maintenance strategies for our professional handball players.


Christopher Nordmeyer

Head Coach, TSV Hannover-Burgdorf DKB-Handball-Bundesliga

AthleteMonitoring.com is the perfect tool to make our athletes accountable towards training, recovery and performance.


Charlie Bourgeois

President, Atlantic Hockey Group

I believe AthleteMonitoring.com technologies and applications have the potential to revolutionize individual player, coach and team education, training and long term development. Because in today’s competitive hyper soccer environment injury prevention, monitoring and controlling training load, among other benefits, can substantially accelerate development and optimize training and preparation. For our FutbolAcademia athletes I also find AM immediately focuses and directs their attention every day on all the right things. Well done and continued success in evolving AM in the progression of athlete training and development.


Werner Roth

Founder, FutbolAcademia, Los Angeles, CA

Athlete Monitoring is an amazing tool that has allowed us to better prepare our athletes. The user friendly app and powerful analytics are time efficient and easy to interpret. Highly recommended!


Chris Rozdilsky M.S. CSCS

Exercise Physiologist/ S+C, Premiere Performance, Montreal - Canada

AthleteMonitoring.com  is a huge step forward in the individualization of the training process. Highly recommended.


Dr. Rainer Knöller

Sport Scientist, Team Olympia Germany, Olympic Training Center

AthleteMonitoring is an excellent tool to monitoring daily training. Each athlete can report training RPE and feedback easily on his phone or laptop and we can easily control the evolution of their training/wellness and anticipate any possible issues.


Benoit Vendeville

Strength and conditioning coach, NLZ West Ski - Swiss Olympic Sport School

AthleteMonitoring.com is a simple and effective tool to collect, centralize and analyze all the objective and subjective data required by a professional team’s monitoring program. The app it is very simple to use by the players and allow us to monitor internal load and readiness very quickly using our own questionnaires and parameters.


Guillaume Ravé

Head of Strength and Conditioning, Stade Lavallois Mayenne FC, France

AthleteMonitoring is very user-friendly and particularly suited for data collection in sports medicine and sports science research projects. Technical support is excellent and I strongly recommend anyone to work with this company!


Justin Carrard

Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

I found the Athlete Monitoring program the simplest way to record training and recovery information in the one place. Being able to access the information in real time on my iPhone or iPad made it an easy to plan and schedule training sessions. The ability to view multiple students and track their progress with graphs and charts became a time efficient method to ensure they are training and recovering effectively. To be able to log any injuries and receive treatment advice from physio while I was overseas with a student on tour was invaluable. Not only were they able to manage the injuries but they were able to continue their training and most importantly still able to compete. AthleteMonitoring is a must have tool for any coach trying to get the most out of their students.


Owen Peemoeller

Head Coach of On the Line Tennis, Melba Tennis Club, Canberra, Australia

As a physiotherapist, I use the Athlete Monitoring for load monitoring of my athletes in order to promote reduction of injury and illness, enhance training and optimise rehabilitation following an overuse/overload injury. This system also allows coaches to have oversight of their athletes training tolerance and to adjust training scheduling accordingly. I have found that even coaches without experience with load monitoring quickly gain an insight into how to adjust training load based on what Athlete Monitoring is reporting. The system is highly customizable to the needs of specific sports and the developers are fantastic and speedy at adding new features that we’ve suggested along the way. Our athletes have benefited from the system whilst training and competing locally but more importantly whilst on tour when training load monitoring becomes critical to performance and injury prevention. The cost of the package is also a big reason why we’ve chosen Athlete Monitoring as our training load monitoring system. They provide all the necessities for the fraction of the cost. Recent updates which have introduced Android and Apple mobile apps for the system have been a big success with the athletes who don’t want to spend precious time filling out complex and numerous data fields. The Apps are easy and very quick to use by the Athlete and Coach. I can directly attribute the low incidence of overload injuries amongst my athletes to the use of AthleteMonitoring and I highly recommend it.


Nick Ilic, MPhysio, BAppSc, APAM

Physiotherapist, SportsCare & Physiotherapy, Canberra, Australia

AthleteMonitoring opens a new era in the field of strength and conditioning. It is so easy to use that completing their morning questionnaire and entering post-session feedback has become a reflex to our players. Its ability to easily collect and interpret subjective measures and personal feedback, simplifies the management of recovery and workloads while enhancing our relationship with the players. It’s a very helpful tool. I


Olivier Barbier

Strength and Conditioning Coach, USAP Rugby

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