Our Sports Science Partnership Program

Looking for a Data Collection Tool for Your Research Project? We Can Help.


The purpose of this free program is to provide sports science, sports psychology and coaching science researchers affiliated with higher education institutions and national sports institutes with :

  • A time-effective, customizable, athlete-friendly tool to collect and centralize wellness, well-being, internal /external loads as well as key physiological and psychological measures in a secure environment
  • Centralize data and get immediate access to raw data exports, graphs and statistics for further analysis and research purposes


  • You get full and unlimited access to the AthleteMonitoring.com platform and apps to collect, centralize and extract your data data for a maximum of 40 athletes. If more athletes are involved in the study, they can be added at a low fee.
  • You have the ability to customize the platform, questionnaire and data collection fields to fit your research needs
  • You own all the data collected during your project
  • It’s absolutely free

How to Apply

To apply or to request more information about this program, click the Contact us button below. Once we receive your application, we’ll send you a formal application form to get the ball rolling.

When applying, please indicate your affiliation, field of research, and provide us with links to your most recent publications. We reply to all inquiries within two business days. Thank you.

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