FITSTATS for Health, Physical Education and Sport

Assess health, fitness & skills. Monitor physical activity & well-being like never before

FITSTATS Wellness is the world’s easier to use, most flexible and customizable fitness assessment, activity monitoring and wellness management software for schools and districts of all size.

With FITSTATS Wellness, you’ll be able to assess health related fitness and physical literacy; create exercise programs, monitor student well-being and physical activity; detect motivational or health issues and; maximize motivation and engagement towards physical activity. Please read on, to learn more about FITSTATS.


FITSTATS is the most flexible, comprehensive and customizable assessment solution for schools and districts. It tracks student progress all over their school years and allows you to assess and report any physical education outcomes, motor skill, health-related fitness, nutritional habits, behavior, attendance, SMART Goals and more.

FITSTATS is 100% compatible with all district, state and national standards – including FITNESSGRAM(r) – BUT, also gives you the freedom to :

Use your own tests

Use your own standards

Use your own questionnaires

Use your own grading system

And much more…


Generate and print, export or email reports that truly engage students, support teaching and comply with your district and state policies. Instantly produce student, class, school and district-wide reports, profiles, certificates, charts and statistics. Customize all reports, standards and analytics at anytime and offer personal recommendations, actionable advice that empowers, educate students and maximize parental awareness towards physical activity, healthy nutrition and fitness.

Sample Reports

Individual profile

Individual Progress Charts

Group Progress Charts

Progress Reports

Award Certificates

Class / School District Profiles

School Statistics

Grading Report


With FITSTATS, teachers can create exercise programs and students can self-report their physical activity inside and outside the school directly on their smartphone or tablet. FITSTATS automatically monitors daily and weekly moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), steps, exercise intensity and more. It analyzes all the data for you and alerts you when students are not enjoying their activity, finding their program too hard, too easy, etc.

FITSTATS Activity Programming Features

  • Create programs for entire classes or specific students
  • View all sessions on planning calendar
  • Use your own activities and exercises
  • Schedule sessions weeks at the time
  • Use exercise library with video demonstrations (optional)

FITSTATS Activity Monitoring Features

  • Monitor individual MVPA and compare it to daily and weekly goals
  • Track daily steps, heart rate, etc.
  • Monitor students’ enjoyment with the activity program
  • Use simple RPE scale to quantify exercise intensity and the difficulty of sessions
  • Quickly access student feedback and comments
  • Easily detects individual issues with class dashboard


FITSTATS 100% customizable survey module helps you to use any questionnaire-based assessment tool, to collect pre-participation information, collect student goals or administer any school-wide nutrition or physical activity survey.

With FITSTATS, students can also self-report their psychological well-being, sleep quality, stress, homework and more using a daily short well-being questionnaire.  Information is automatically analyzed and alerts immediately informs you when a student needs attention.

Example of surveys you can administer with FITSTATS


  • Daily wellness questionnaire
  • Personal Fitness Goals
  • PE Class Evaluation
  • Youth Activity Survey
  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey
  • Youth Substance Abuse Survey
  • Mental health-related survey
  • Eating disorder screening questionnaire
  • Depression Screening Day Scale



Measure, assess and report everything you need, the way you want right from your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.


Prevent activity dropout, identify issues and enhance well-being


Streamline data capture, report and centralize all your students’ data into a single secure database


Monitor physical activity, track goals, activity levels, student enjoyment and motivation


Produce reports that truly engage students, support teaching and comply with district and state policies


Prevent youth obesity, chronic diseases, sports injuries. Improve physical literacy, fitness and health.

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